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Orbit Acupuncture

1.5hr Initial Consultation £60

Your initial consultation will include a discussion around your medical history, a chat about the details of your main complaint and observation of your tongue and pulse. You will then be able to relax and enjoy your first acupuncture treatment in our treatment room.


Orbit Acupuncture

1hr Follow-up Consultation £45

Typically, 6 acupuncture sessions are advised to achieve maximum and lasting benefits, however this may vary depending on the type of condition requiring treatment and the length of time it has been present. Expectations for amount and frequency of follow ups will be discussed with you at your first appointment.


Orbit Cupping

3omin Cupping Treatment £30

Cupping is great for releasing muscle tension and relieving pain from acute injuries and traumas. Book a 30minute session with us to experience the benefits of Cupping. Clients should be aware that Cupping can leave a reddish/purple marks on the skin however these marks fade within a few days.


Orbit Homeopathy

1.5hr Initial Consultation £50

At your first appointment our Homeopaths will discuss with you, your reasons for attending the session, details around your medical history, childhood and lifestyle. At the end of the session, we will give your own unique set of Homeopathic remedies and instructions on how to take.


Orbit Homeopathy

1hr Follow-up Consultation £40

Typically one month after your initial consultation, you will meet with your Homeopath to discuss your progress. This will typically last 1 hour in which we may wish to adjust your remedies.